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What Happens During An Extraction?

A tooth next to a first aid kit | Tooth Extraction Hershey

You just received the news that you need to have a tooth extracted, and you are feeling a little overwhelmed, to say the least. Suddenly you have a lot of things to consider – How will tooth loss affect your smile and your ability to interact with others? When the procedure is over, what tooth replacement will be right for you?

Turn to A Familiar Team for Help

Of course, the biggest question on your mind is probably about the extraction itself. There is no doubt that this is probably one of the more stressful dental procedures to anticipate. But you should know that it is especially times like these when you ...

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Does Your Tooth Hurt? These Signs Mean You Might Need an Extraction

a woman holds an ice pack up to her face | tooth extractions hershey pa

A toothache is always an indication that there’s a problem that needs attention. It may be the result of something as minor as a small cavity or as significant as an infected root canal. Unfortunately, there are some cases where the problem is not treatable, and you may require tooth extraction at our Hershey, PA dental office.

We want you to enjoy the beauty and function of your natural teeth for as long as possible. Dr. Wes Davis will make every effort to find an appropriate solution and save the tooth. But sometimes we have no choice but to perform an extraction.

Some reasons we perform extractions are:

  • A root canal is so ...

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