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3 "Healthy" Drinks That Can Lead to Tooth Decay

You want to make sure that your family’s diet is rich in healthy, nutritious foods that support good health. But a lot of the foods and drinks that we consume may seem like healthy choices, but in reality, may be contributing to oral health problems.Beverages, in particular, are a problem because they often have lots of hidden sugars and because we tend to drink them throughout the day. Some beverages are not just high in sugar but may be carbonated or high in acid that can also eat away at dental enamel and lead to tooth decay.Beverages to Avoid for a Healthier SmileHere are a few of the worst culprits ...

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Use E-Cigs? What You Need to Know about the Effect on Your Oral Health

A woman holds her hand up to her jaw | general dentist hershey PA
Vaping has become a highly popular alternative to tobacco, and the Centers for Disease Control estimate that in the US alone, about 9 million people today are using E-cigarettes.One reason for their popularity is that E-cigarettes are seen as a safer alternative to smoking, although studies in this area are not conclusive. They also tend to be less expensive than smoking tobacco and, since e-cigarettes produce vapor and not smoke, they can be used nearly anywhere.Nicotine and Your Oral HealthResearch conducted In 2014, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that more research needs to be done on the long-term effects of e-cigs on your general health. But we ...

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3 Problems Dr. Davis Can Solve with a Crown or Bridge

Dental Crowns Hershey
When you suffer damage to a tooth – whether it’s due to trauma or disease – you should have it addressed immediately. Waiting to seek treatment only leads to discomfort, embarrassment, and more complicated dental problems in the future.Is A Crown or Bridge Right for You?Fortunately, reliable solutions for addressing tooth damage are widely available. You are probably familiar with having a tooth filled, but what about crowns and bridges? What do they do and how can they be used to fit into your treatment plan?Dental crowns are used when a tooth is too damaged to be saved with a filling. Since a crown completely encloses a tooth, it provides ...

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Want Your Best Oral Health? Don't Neglect Your Nutrition

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Most of us have too much going on in our lives to give a lot of thought about how the foods we choose affect our oral health. You got the message from your dentist about sugar, and you know it’s not good for your teeth; so what else is there to know?Simple vs. Complex CarbohydratesThe cavity-producing process goes something like this: the bacteria that is always present in your mouth feed on particles of food left behind, producing acid as a byproduct, and acid is to be blamed for eating away at dental enamel and causing cavities.Bacteria need carbohydrates for food, and they prefer table sugar. But other simple carbs ...

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What Your Mouth and Your Car Have in Common

A man has his teeth worked on | Dentist Hummelstown PA
Owning a car comes with many responsibilities, and one is maintenance. You rely on it for transportation, so it’s essential to have it serviced regularly. If you don’t, you risk losing the function of the vehicle, which can ultimately result in costly repairs.How Your Oral Health is SimilarMaintaining your oral health comes with responsibilities too, like keeping up with routine “maintenance” like brushing your teeth, watching your diet, and visiting your dentist routinely. If you don’t look after your teeth, you risk losing function, and you may face more complicated and costly treatment.We understand that waiting for an oil change is a lot different than sitting in the dental chair ...

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What Happens During An Extraction?

A tooth next to a first aid kit | Tooth Extraction Hershey
You just received the news that you need to have a tooth extracted, and you are feeling a little overwhelmed, to say the least. Suddenly you have a lot of things to consider – How will tooth loss affect your smile and your ability to interact with others? When the procedure is over, what tooth replacement will be right for you?Turn to A Familiar Team for HelpOf course, the biggest question on your mind is probably about the extraction itself. There is no doubt that this is probably one of the more stressful dental procedures to anticipate. But you should know that it is especially times like these when you ...

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3 Tips for Flawless Flossing

a woman flosses her teeth | dentist hershey pa
So, you think you know how to floss? Most of us have had a dental hygienist show us how to floss, but as time goes by our habits can get a little sloppy. You meant well when you started out, but now flossing is more of an afterthought than a necessary part of your oral hygiene routine.Why Floss?If you brush twice a day conscientiously, you may wonder why flossing is so important. The fact is that if you are not flossing, you aren’t getting the job done completely. While brushing removes plaque from the surfaces of your teeth, a brush can’t reach into the cracks and crevices between teeth. Daily ...

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