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What Would Happen if You Gave Up Sugar for a Month?

May 13, 2018
Posted By: Wesley R Davis DDS
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Do you have any idea how much sugar you consume every day? You may have already cut out sweet treats and beverages like colas that you know are loaded with the sweet stuff.

An awareness of the negative impact that too much sugar has on your body, and particularly your oral health, is an essential first step. But what if you decided to cut sugar out of your diet entirely for one month?

Sugar – It’s Everywhere!

The American Heart Association allows 24 grams of sugar per day for women (36 grams for men), so some sugar in your diet is okay. But if you aren’t reading ingredient labels, you may be surprised at how much sugar you really consume on a daily basis.

One good way to get a sense of the amount of sugar in your diet is to make a plan to eliminate it for a month. Why is this a good idea? It’s not so much about the health benefits you will see in 30 days, but rather to force you to read labels and get to the bottom of where all that sugar in your diet is coming from.

Oral Health Benefits

You know that sugar is bad for your teeth because it attracts harmful bacteria that cause cavities. But simply cutting out gummi bears and brownies may not be enough. If you set a goal of eliminating sugar from your diet, you will be forced to find sugar-free alternatives. This will help you understand that sugar is in a lot of foods you would never suspect like bacon, chicken stock, and tomato sauce.

Please Call Us for More Information

If you would like more information about the negative impact that a diet high in sugar has on your oral health, please call Dr. Wes Davis, your dentist in Hershey, PA.

We would love to sit down and talk to you about all the ways you can improve your oral health, including cutting out excess sugar.

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