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What Your Mouth and Your Car Have in Common

November 12, 2017
Posted By: Wesley R Davis DDS
A man has his teeth worked on | Dentist Hummelstown PA

Owning a car comes with many responsibilities, and one is maintenance. You rely on it for transportation, so it’s essential to have it serviced regularly. If you don’t, you risk losing the function of the vehicle, which can ultimately result in costly repairs.

How Your Oral Health is Similar

Maintaining your oral health comes with responsibilities too, like keeping up with routine “maintenance” like brushing your teeth, watching your diet, and visiting your dentist routinely. If you don’t look after your teeth, you risk losing function, and you may face more complicated and costly treatment.

We understand that waiting for an oil change is a lot different than sitting in the dental chair waiting for treatment. But if you skip these appointments, your oral health will suffer. And poor oral health affects a lot more than your mouth because it can lead to embarrassment, discomfort, and reduced self-confidence. Most importantly, chronic gum infections can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, diabetes, and pregnancy complications.

Stay A Step Ahead of Dental Disease

If you need a refresher on what it takes to keep a healthy smile, here are a few tips:

  • Brush Properly – If you aren’t sure you’re getting the most out of your brushing, ask your dentist or hygienist for suggestions.
  • Keep Semi-Annual Dental Visits – This is routine maintenance for your mouth, so plan your appointments well in advance to keep you motivated.
  • Follow A Healthy Diet – Check your eating habits to make sure you aren’t consuming too much sugar that can damage your teeth. Stick with healthy fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.

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Wherever your current dental needs are, we invite you to call our Hummelstown, PA dentist Dr. Wes Davis. He will be happy to take some time to talk to you about your oral health goals and how we can help you achieve them. We look forward to helping you get back on the “road” to a healthier smile!

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