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Can I replace my old metal fillings?

This is a common question Hershey, PA patients have regarding their old silver or amalgam fillings that have become unappealingly dark and noticeable. 

Aside from the visual benefits of tooth-colored fillings, there are other benefits to replacing a silver filling.

The Benefits of Replacing Silver Fillings

  • The filling is old and loose
  • The filling is in a highly visible place that shows when you laugh
  • The filling might have a cavity under it
  • Some patients may not feel safe with silver feelings
  • Composite resin fillings better blend in with your smile
  • Tooth-colored fillings don't require an impactful removal of existing tooth structure

Our Conservative Approach

At Wesley R. Davis, DDS, we are big proponents of conservative preventive dentistry. We seek out minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. Unless your existing traditional fillings need to be replaced or are slowly becoming loose, we may not recommend replacing them unless they cause embarrassment to the patient. 

If a cavity does develop under the filling, we will remove any intruding bacteria and sterilize it before filling the cavity with tooth-colored resin. 

During your routine dental check-ups and exams with us, Dr. Davis checks each filling to see that they aren't slowly falling apart. If there is a problem, we will address it right away with you and go over your options. 

If, at any point, you feel like your fillings should be looked at, call us, and we'll schedule an appointment. 

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