Root Canals in Hershey PA

Root canals are easily one of the most misunderstood procedures in dentistry. At the office of Wesley R. Davis, DDS, we understand that their unfortunate reputation has been perpetuated over the years. But we want to tell you that the techniques and materials we use for this procedure have improved significantly over the years. These advancements now allow us to deliver root canal treatment that is more comfortable and pain-free than ever before.

Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how smooth and pain-free the procedure is because it is not the treatment that causes your pain, but rather your tooth infection.

When approaching a root canal at our Hershey dental office, you can rest assured knowing that Dr. Davis and our team have been performing successful root canals for over 30 years. This experience has provided us with the skill and expertise to make sure that your treatment is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

What Are the Symptoms of a Tooth Infection?

man with tooth pain in hersheyA dental infection often starts as a simple case of tooth decay without any symptoms. However, your tooth may begin to feel sensitive to hot or cold foods or beverages. Many people ignore this sensitivity because it goes away quickly on its own. If your tooth starts to feel sensitive to biting, chewing, or temperature, it's a good time to contact your Hershey dentist for a checkup because you may be able to avoid a tooth infection.

If your tooth becomes infected, you could encounter pain, swelling, tooth discoloration, or an uncomfortable white bump around the tooth that resembles a pimple. If you notice these symptoms or start to feel discomfort, it's time to notify your dental team right away so we can treat your tooth get you back on the path to wellness.

Why Root Canals Are Necessary

If you've ever had an infected root canal, you know what a painful experience it can be. Any time you experience this kind of intense pain, you can be pretty sure that a severe problem is brewing and needs to be taken care of immediately.

Root canals are an essential treatment that addresses a serious problem when the pulp or nerve of your tooth has an infection. The pulp consists of a system of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues inside your tooth that contribute to its vitality. It also contains several passageways known as the root canals that are connected to your body's nervous system.

If you don't treat the infection, you will experience continued discomfort, swelling, and even possible tooth loss, and this is why it is essential not to ignore dental pain or sensitivity. Contact our Hershey, PA dental office right away at (717) 533-4202 if you are experiencing dental pain.

Why It's Important to Save Your Tooth

While it may seem easier to forego root canal treatment and just extract an infected tooth, there are a few things to consider. Keeping your natural tooth is the preferable choice for a few reasons:

  • Your natural tooth prevents neighboring teeth from shifting into the open space left by a lost tooth, which can cause bite misalignment
  • Keeping your tooth protects the integrity of your root, which keeps your bone healthy
  • Root canal treatment is less expensive overall than tooth replacement

It is always our goal to help you preserve and maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible because it is in the best interest of your dental health. However, if you should encounter tooth loss due to dental infection or trauma, Dr. Davis offers excellent solutions for tooth replacement that will help you maintain both your smile and your dental health.

What Happens During Your Root Canal Treatment

Putting aside its bad reputation, you should know that root canal treatment is straightforward. During the root canal procedure, Dr. Davis gently removes the infected woman before root canal exam in hersheytissue, then carefully cleans and seals the tooth. He may also decide to use medication or an antibiotic to control the infection.

It's normal for your tooth to feel tender for a couple of days after root canal treatment, but you should no longer be suffering from the constant and severe pain caused by a tooth infection.

Unfortunately, after root canal treatment, your tooth is more brittle; so in most cases, you will need a dental crown to protect and strengthen the tooth. Building your tooth back up with a crown ensures that you'll be able to chew and eat with ease again. A porcelain crown is also custom-designed to maintain the aesthetics of your smile.

Comfortable, Stress-Free Care

Dr. Davis and our team are sensitive to the fact that a dental visit for a procedure like a root canal can cause many people to become anxious. We want to assure you that your complete comfort is always one of our highest priorities, and we have solutions that will help make your treatment easy and stress-free.

Our team has worked hard to create a soothing, comfortable office environment that will put you at ease and help you feel right at home. Dr. Davis's gentle touch, combined with amenities designed to reduce stress like music, flat-screen TVs, and pillows and blankets, ensure that your visits are comfortable and relaxed.

During your root canal procedure, Dr. Davis will also use a dental anesthetic to ensure that your infected tooth and the area surrounding it are numb. Dental anesthetic not only ensures that you don't feel anything during your root canal, but it also immediately relieves the discomfort caused by your dental infection. So you will finally be pain-free!

You Can Avoid a Root Canal

While there are some tooth infections that you can't avoid, you might be surprised to know that there are many instances where you could've prevented the need for root canal treatment by merely going to your dentist in Hershey for your preventive teeth cleaning and checkup.

Here's what you should know. If Dr. Davis sees you every six months for a checkup, he can detect tooth decay in its earliest stages. When it is detected early on, tooth decay causes a cavity that we can typically treat with a pain-free dental filling. If you miss your routine dental checkup, and your tooth decay goes unnoticed and untreated, it will get worse and eventually make its way into the nerve and root of your tooth. When that happens, a painful dental infection develops, and now you need root canal treatment to alleviate both your pain and your infection.

Protect your dental health by being diligent about attending your bi-annual teeth cleanings and checkups, and we'll help you avoid costly concerns like tooth decay and gum disease.

Call Today to Get the Important Treatment You Need

Do you suspect that you may need a root canal? If so, we urge you to contact our office as soon as possible. Treating a tooth infection promptly can often mean the difference between saving or losing the tooth. 

Please give us a call at (717) 533-4202 to book an appointment. If you're in pain, we'll make arrangements to see you as quickly as possible, usually the same day.