Tooth Extraction in Hershey PA

It’s easy to take our teeth for granted until you face the prospect of losing one of them, so hearing the news that you need to have a tooth extracted can be devastating.

In dentistry, extraction is always viewed as a last resort. If we do find that extraction is the most appropriate solution, Dr. Davis will take the time to talk to you about the need for the procedure and explore all your possible options. We’ll do everything we can to make the procedure as easy as possible, with a minimum of stress and discomfort.

Reasons for Tooth ExtractionExtractions | Hershey PA

There are a number of situations where we may find it necessary to remove a tooth:

Severe Advanced Decay – Your tooth is so damaged by decay that a simple filling or crown will not be sufficient to protect and preserve it.

Root Canal Infection – An infection is so advanced that it cannot be resolved with traditional treatment.

In Preparation for Dentures – You’re getting dentures and have one or more teeth that need to be removed

Preparation for Orthodontic Treatment – Your child needs orthodontic treatment, and one or more baby teeth need to be removed for best results.

Comfortable Care in a Soothing Environment

If we find that tooth extraction is needed, it’s important for you to follow through with your appointment. But we’re sensitive to the fact that your anxiety may be overwhelming.

Tooth Extractions | Hershey PAAt the office of Wesley R. Davis, DDS, we offer lots of stress-reducing amenities to help you relax. Settle back with a comfy pillow and blanket and watch TV or listen to your favorite music while we tend to your needs. A member of our team will also be with you at all times to support and encourage you during the procedure. If you're very anxious about your procedure, Dr. Davis can prescribe an oral sedative for you to take prior to your arrival at our office. If this is the case, please note that you will require a driver to get you safely to and from your appointment.

Post-Procedure Recovery

A simple extraction has a fairly short recovery time. Before you leave our office, we’ll give you a list of after-care instructions that will promote faster healing. We recommend that for the first couple days after extraction you plan to eat a diet of soft foods, like soup or yogurt, that don’t require chewing. Try not to drink through a straw for the first 24 hours because the sucking action increases your risk for bleeding and other complications.

Call Today to Get the Help You Need

If you’re concerned about the condition of your tooth please call us to schedule an examination. We will be happy to arrange an emergency appointment if you’re in pain, so please call our Hershey dental office so we can get you the relief you need.